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5 ways to use Truffle Oil in Kitchen

Cooking is an ongoing practice that allows you to develop and refine your skills over time. The hours you spend in the kitchen will produce gorgeous dishes, as well as refine your collection of “go-to” recipes. While it is exciting to find your staple dishes, they may become overused or bland over time. Adding an elevated touch can keep even your most-used recipes fresh and exciting.

What is Truffle Oil?

Truffle oil gets its name from the process used to create it. Truffle oil starts with a neutral base like sunflower, grapeseed or olive oil to act as a carrier for the desired flavor. Flavoring agents are then integrated with the base oil to draw out a rich taste—in this case, truffles.

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Truffles are essentially mushrooms that grow underground. Their scarcity and unique flavor make them a fine dining delicacy. It can be difficult to describe the flavor of a truffle; some use terms like woody, earthy and garlicky, while others refer to fruitiness. The flavor is complex and intense, adding character to a wide variety of dishes.

How to use Truffle oil in the Kitchen?

Cooking with white truffle oil is as simple as identifying and combining flavors in your recipes. Truffle oil imparts a unique taste, which makes it ideal for dishes that do not already deliver strong flavors. Here are some simple ways you can incorporate white truffle oil in your kitchen.

  1. With Pasta:

Pasta is a classic Italian dish that everyone seems to love. Truffle oil pairs well with a variety of pasta styles, from comforting to sophisticated. Common pasta flavors like cheese and mushroom complement the unique truffle taste. A dash of truffle oil can elevate your pasta to that of a five-star Italian restaurant menu item. To use truffle oil for pasta dishes, experiment with different combinations of pasta shapes and sauces.


  1. With Popcorn:

At times, simple salt and butter can do the trick when it comes to ingredients. However, if you want to elevate your popcorn experience, try adding a bit of white truffle oil. Simply combine melted butter with some truffle oil (about 1 teaspoon per tablespoon of butter) and pour over your popcorn. This is an easy way for you to introduce guests to new flavors and snack like a gourmet.


  1. With Pizza:

Making pizza at home can transform this comfort food into a sophisticated dish. From the crust to the toppings you use, you can give your pizza an elevated feel. Drizzle a small amount of truffle oil over the pizza right before you serve for a delightful combination of bread, cheese, and oil.


  1. With Eggs:

Eggs are a breakfast favorite, and there are many ways to enjoy them. Whether you prefer them scrambled, over easy, in a sandwich, deviled or more, adding truffle oil to egg dishes gives them an upgrade. The truffle oil imparts a mushroom-like flavor that complements the existing egg flavor. Drizzle a bit of white truffle oil right before serving for a fancy breakfast, brunch or dinner meal.


  1. With Vegetables:

Vegetables can be bland on their own, and salt and pepper can only do so much. You can add some pizzazz to your veggies by pairing them with truffle oil. Roast, grill or boil your favorite vegetables, then add a dash of truffle oil. Try mixing up your favorite vegetables to create an interesting dish. Truffle oil brings out the best in savory meats, too.



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