Truffle Butter Recipes and Uses You Didn’t Know About

Truffle Butter is one of those items that will forever change the way you cook. Available in black and white varieties, this refrigerated staple is easy to use and will enhance everything it touches with the rich and earthy flavor that truffles impart. Truffle butter can be used to flavor various dishes or used as a spread on bread or crackers.

Where Does Truffle Butter Come From?

The first use of truffles as a food product dates back to Egyptian times. They have historically been associated with superstition, with ancient Greeks and Romans believing that eating them would lead to immortality and medieval Christians associating them with the devil. Today, truffles are an expensive luxury item in all their forms—including when made into compound butter made from black or white truffles.

What is Truffle Butter?

The truffle, a fungus or type of mushroom that grows under trees’ roots, is beloved for an intense, heady flavor and aroma that can transform a dish into something sublime. It’s usually shaved thinly onto a dish. There are different varieties: white and black, and winter and summer. They grow in places Italy and France but also are found in Spain, Australia and even Oregon.

Truffle butter is made by mixing butter with truffle oil or truffle pieces. It can also include chopped mushrooms, truffle aroma, olive oil and salt. The aim is to create a creamy butter infused with the flavor of truffle—white or black—and also that luxurious aroma that truffle lovers know and love. The chunks or small shavings of truffle add a great aesthetic to the ingredient for more visual impact.

Truffle butter is simply a mixture of butter and truffle oil. It can include chopped mushrooms, truffle aroma, olive oil, and salt depending on the recipe. The aim of creating a creamy butter infused with the flavor of truffle—white or black—and also those luxurious aromas is achieved by adding chunks or small shavings of truffle.

Read on for our top 5 easy ways to get you cooking with truffle butter.

1.Truffle Butter Eggs

Truffle butter and eggs make a harmonious pairing; the pungent truffle flavor complements the rich, creaminess of soft-cooked egg, and whips into scrambled eggs beautifully.

2.Improve Pasta & Rice with Truffle Butter

Try tossing a scoop of truffle butter with hot pasta or stir truffle butter into risotto. Our creamy pasta recipe with pancetta, mushrooms and truffle butter is a sure-fire winner. Give mac and cheese with truffle butter a try.

3.Truffle Butter on a Sandwich

A crisp ficelle sliced lengthwise, filled with soft truffle butter and salty artisanal dry-cured saucisson sec makes a wonderful sandwich.

4.Truffle Butter Popcorn

Popped in fat, and tossed with truffle butter, popcorn recipe will glam up your movie night at home.

5.Truffle Butter Burger

Bury a slice of chilled truffle butter in the center of a patty just before searing or grilling – as the butter melts, it will keep the center juicy while the outside develops a flavorful crust.


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