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All You need to know about Truffle Butter

What is Truffle Butter?

Truffle Butter is a popular ingredient in many kitchens. It is easy to use and enhances the flavor of many dishes, including pastas and risottos. Some chefs even prefer using this aromatic spread on its own, spreading it on bread or crackers. Truffle butter goes beyond adding a splash of sophistication to dishes; it lends a rich, earthy flavor to everything from pastas to risottos.

Truffle butter is a spread made with creamery butter, blended with tiny (but real!) pieces of truffle. Because truffles have such a pungent flavor, you will definitely get the taste of the heady, aromatic fungi amid the buttery goodness. Without having to pay for lots of truffle!

Where Does Truffle Butter Come From?

The fungus known as truffle has been used as a spice since ancient times. It has long been the subject of superstition, with ancient Greeks and Romans believing that it contributed to eternal life and medieval Christians associating it with the devil.

Today, truffles are an expensive luxury item in all their forms, including when made into compound butter made with black or white truffles.

Ways to Use Truffle Butter:

When it comes to truffle butter, there are endless ways to use it. I will use it to make fancy crostini or crackers: Just melt and brush lightly on thinly sliced bread or on saltines and bake at 400° until golden and crispy.

White truffle butter is amazing with eggs: Grate it straight from frozen into beaten eggs for a scramble of the gods.

Black truffle butter never met a potato it didn’t love: Whip some into mashed potatoes or toss baby spuds in it.

Last but not least, there is a secret that the French have been keeping from us: Buttering your bread or cracker before you add your cheese makes your cheese taste better. I butter all my cheese platters and watch my friends have eureka moments. (Think about grilled cheese sandwiches, and how the butter works there.)


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